Log4Net Dashboard 2.2

Log4Net Dashboard 2.2: Log4Net Dashboard and viewer web application, view and analyze the log4net log. L4NDash extends the benefits of using the Log4Net logging framework. Developers and system administrators will benefit from a centralized overview of the log and the easy way to analyze and filter the log. L4NDash have a summary pivot table which instantly gives the user an overview of the logging situation. The initial layout of the summary table can be customized through configuration, and in runtime through filtering. From the summary table

Kellerman .NET Logger 1.22: High performance logging frramework for .NET 2.0.  Performance metrics.
Kellerman .NET Logger 1.22

Kellerman Logger is an easy to use, high performance logging framework for .NET 2.0 with the ability to log to multiple destinations. Kellerman Logger is faster and easier to use than Log4Net. The logger`s ability to log messages with a single line of code makes Console.Writeline and Response.Write obsolete.

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Log Parser Lizard 4.0.0: Log Parser Lizard is free GUI for MS Logparser and pwerful web log analyzer
Log Parser Lizard 4.0.0

Log Parser Lizard is free GUI for MS Log Parser engine and pwerful log analyzer. Analyze your log files and create Excel and PDF reports in seconds. Because the command line interface of MS Logparser is not very intuitive, we have created Log Parser Lizard, a GUI tool for managing queries, exporting results to Excel, PDF and charts.In addition it provides input filters for log4net file format, SQL server, Facebook FQL and Google BigQuery.

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